ARCHTEST Licensees

Commercial Licensees

The International Business Machines Corp. and the Intel Corp. have each purchased entity licenses to allow use of ARCHTEST throughout the world. Other companies have purchased site licenses.

Academic Licensees

Six academic research organizations are currently licensed to use ARCHTEST.

Queen's University, Canada

Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Contact: Dr. Naraig Manjikian,

Project: The Computer Architecture Page is a technical forum devoted to answering the question: what specific hardware implementations result in what specific program behaviors, such as those revealed by ARCHTEST?

RWTH Aachen

Lehrstuhl fuer Betriebssysteme (LfBS)

Contact: Dr. Karsten Scholtyssik,

Project: Parallelization of Applications on NUMA Multiprocessors.

University of Oldenburg

Parallel Systems, Faculty of Informatics

Contact: Dr. Miltos Grammatikakis,

Project: Test the architecture of a Cray-T3E.

University of Toronto

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Computer Science

Contact: Benjamin Gamsa,

Project: NUMAachine Multiprocessor:: Design and implementation of a 64-processor multiprocessor based on a hierarchical ring interconnection network, with hardware cache coherence and sequential consistency. Coherence protocol implemented in field-programmable logic devices to allow future experimentation with other protocols, including those supporting relaxed consistency.

University of Utah

Department of Computer Science

Contact: Prof. Ganesh Gopalakrishnan,

Project: Avalanche

Project: Utah Verifier


See also [ngmg98].

Vassar College

Department of Computer Science

Contact: Prof. Brad Richards

Project: ARCHTEST on a 2-way SunBlade 1000

Project: ARCHTEST on a Sun E3500 with 8 400MHz processors and 6 Gig of RAM

Last updated January 4, 2006.